Advertise your accommodation

If you own a B&B, Guest House, Hotel or Hostel then we are able to offer you the perfect place to advertise it to thousands of people looking for accommodation every month.  For just one fee and by completing one form you can advertise on The Bed and Breakfast Guide and British Bed Breakfast.

What’s more your accommodation will also be included in this Travel Blog and in our Go-Surfing accommodation directory.  We will also be adding some more sites to this list over the coming months and as a member your accommodation will automatically be included in these.

Alternatively if you only want to sign up to The Bed and Breakfast Guide you can do by clicking here >

The Bed and Breakfast Guide is an established accommodation directory, diaplaying B&B and Guest House listings since 2001. The website visitors has grown drammatically every year generating bookings for its members.